Travelers of Tyme is a creative collaboration in instrumental music that spans 15 years and 2 continents, between Shelby Cinca of DC's Frodus, The Cassettes and Triobelisk and Jim Cooper, a songwriter/arranger in Chicago's Detholz!, Baby Teeth, Bobby Conn and Daniel Knox.

The music of Travelers of Tyme is lush, varied and versatile, incorporating elements of exotica jazz, 20th Century classical music, surf rock and various genres of European electronica to effect a unified sound designed to be played in the background.

The Travelers Of Tyme discography is available on Bandcamp as well as iTunes and Amazon.

Travelers of Tyme's recently minted Sound of Tyme production company has been busy, providing scores for video games, film and television.

To contact Sound Of Tyme for your production, write:
info at tymetravelnow dot com.

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